Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sixth Pay Commission Report in December?

Due to the prevailing political uncertainty the central government is poised to unveil a string of welfare measures which some Congress sources say may be a way of preparing for elections despite announcements to the contrary.

Party sources said the government had instructed the Sixth Pay Commission to expedite the process of finalising increased salaries and allowances for the 3.3 million central government employees by December.

The announcement was originally to be made by April next year.

Due to elections preparation, central government may give better rocommendations and want earlier report of sixth pay comission.

Employee may get increase of 100-150 % increase in their basic pay that may result in arround 35% increase in total salary.
And so that lowest Group - D , employee's salary crosses 10000 Rs. monthly
And highest beuracrate cabinet secratary's salary reaches rupees 100000 ( one lack) monthly.

Secrataries may get double salary.
Child education allowance may increase.
HRA may get increase from 30 to 45 %.
Pay scales may cut down to 19 from 38.
Retirement age may increase to 62 from 60.
Technical employees retirement age may increase to 65 from 60.
Deputation between Government and Private Sector can be possible.
Government holidays/leaves may cut down.
Working days can be 6 day a week from 5 day week job.