Thursday, January 3, 2008


All the central government employees will be happy to listen that the sixth pay commission most probably will be effective from April-2008.According to Shri B.N.Srikrishna,Chairman,Sixth pay commission, the commission was formed on 05th October-2006 and it will suppose to give its report to the central government within 18 months.There is a rumour in the media that the commission has submitted an interim report.But that's not true.
The commission may give its report to the government before the general budget session i.e.before 28th February-2008.According to a ministerial source, the commission is going to give 16s special benefits to the employees.There will be performance linked incentives to the employees.So, they will have to take additional responsibilities.Their annual increments will also be based on their performance.Indian institute of Management, Ahmadabad is helping the commission to make the report.
Based on the Market Price Index,the DA hike will be 6% from January-2008 for central government employees.