Friday, March 21, 2008

Pay Commission to revise transport allowance

The Sixth Pay Commission is set to announce a hike of up to 52% for Central government staff and officers, along with their counterparts in defence and paramilitary forces.

The commission is also likely to revise the transport allowance (conveyance), which is a maximum of only Rs 800 in A1 cities now.

''Those driving to office in their own cars could be a happier now," pay commission sources said.

Officials are also awaiting the new shape of Children's Educational Assistance, which is currently a measly Rs 40 every month per child (Classes I to X) and Rs 50 (Classes XI and XII), although it is Rs 100 per month for special (challenged) children.

Another ''anomaly" which the panel might address is the daily allowance an official gets while on tour.

The highest such allowance at present is Rs 260 per day (for ordinary lodging) and Rs 650 (for hotel lodging).

This means that the maximum an officer can at present spend every day on his hotel accommodation, food and local conveyance is Rs 650 even when, say, he is on a tour of Mumbai. This regime often forces officers to make ''alternative" arrangements.