Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sixth Pay Commission - Public View

This is opinion from many sources -
1.There is no performance system adopted.
2.Pay for performance is in vain.
3. secretaries of GOI will decide the fate of Defence Forces and fate of all in general - thats really abusive. Lower cadre employee have no right in this decison making. Abusive to them.
4. Pvt Sector employee says Sixth pay commission is bane for country. Gov people doing nothing.
5. Economist says Gov may suffer inflation, large burden, 5 years slow. Because all state Govs also implement the same pay commission. How this money come.
6. pay commission must have a democratic setup comprising representation of all category of staff
7. its waste of time and resources....till now each n every govt. employee understood the CAKE they got into there mounth after such a hype in media by pay one is going to believe such cheap tricks by UPA govt. to make there seats strong in parliament....they will also get there part of CAKE in upcoming elections....

8. You want to live happily in India then get into IAS, if not then lick their boots or else leave India
9. it is best to scrap pay commission.But once in three years a wage board should finalise the revision of wage for all govt servants within a time frame of three months. It will boost the sincerity, honesty and productivity and that leads INDIA top of the world.
10. Scientist in DRDO, ISRO , Armed forces may loose good employees fastly.
Pay commission worst for them. Now how a class 1 officer afford accomodation, family expenses etc. in metro. Petrol prices soaring to 50 Rs. and now moving to 65 as fresh news comes crude oil prices are crossing 120$/barrel. How will government stop the inflation.
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