Sunday, August 17, 2008

What the Cabinet didn't accept from Pay Panel

While the Government announced an average around 21 percent pay hike for central government employees to keep them in good humour as elections are near, it also rejected some proposals.
Sources said the Cabinet turned down the proposal of offering "liberal severance package" to government servants planning to quit the service after putting in 15 years and before completing 20 years without pension benefits.
The proposed move could have not only offered government servants some flexibility to proceed for better opportunities outside the public sector but also allowed the government to recruit fresh talent. However, even the Committee of Secretaries set up under the Cabinet Secretary rejected the proposal without citing any substantial reason.
Similarly, sources said the Government also declined to offer the women and disabled flexitime job engagement a long-pending demand with the Government. The issue was not even raised by any minister at the meeting that approved the pay hike.
However, one rejection by the Government should make the employees happy. The Cabinet declined to reduce the gazetted number of holidays to three Independence Day. Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti and decided to continue with the existing number of gazetted holidays in a year.
However, the Government decided to process separately the issues like general insurance and health insurance.