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What the CoS did about sixth pay commission report

A review on the major changes / addition on CPC report by the CoS

  Modification Comments
1 Enhanced the revised pay bands recommended by the pay commission to be based on multiplication factor of 1.74 to 1.86 The fitment had to be (Basic + DP)*24%.
The CPC members could not make out this simple calculation?
2 The Armed Forces Personnel below Officers Rank will get a Military Service Pay (MSP) of Rs 2,000 per month, Rs 1,000 more than that recommended by the Commission. The Officers of the Defence Forces would get an MSP Rs 6000 over and above their salary. The forces had dedicated and sincere minister to bargain for them.
3 Increase in the rate of annual increment for 2.5% to 3%. Removed the performance based increment. After all performance has got a different meaning at government.

The middle level officers of the Defence Forces, namely Colonels and Brigadiers, have been placed in the highest pay band of PB-4.
Middle level police and civilian officers — DIGs, Conservator of Forests, Scientists E and F, Superintending Engineers, Directors, Additional Commissioners of Income Tax and Central Excise and posts in equivalent grades — have also been placed in the highest pay brand.

The higher level officers benefit from the increased grade pay.

Increase in Transport Allowance at the lowest level to Rs 600 (from Rs 400 in A-1/A class cities recommended by the Sixth CPC) and Rs 400 (from Rs 300 in other cities recommended by the sixth CPC).

Removal of Campus restriction for grant of Transport Allowance.
Minor benefit for the lowest level
6 At least three promotions have been assured for all Defence Forces personnel and civilian employees under the modified Assured Career Progression (ACP) Scheme. While the civilians would get it after 10, 20 and 30 years of service, the Defence Forces Jawans would get ACP in 8, 16 and 24 years. Only 3 promotions in one's career?

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