Monday, January 19, 2009

Setting up of Anomaly Committee to settle the Anomalies arising out of the implentation of the 6th CPC recommendations.


The Government has released orders for constituting National Anomaly Committee and Departmental Anomaly Committees for settlement of anomalies arising out of implementation of 6th CPC recommendations.



Dated the 12th January, 2009
Subject:- Setting up of Anomaly Committee to settle the Anomalies arising out of the implentationof the 6th CPC recommendations.
Definition of AnomalyAnomaly will inculde the folllwing cases:
(a) Where the Official Side and the Staff Side are of the opinion that any recommendation is in contravention of the principle or the policy enunciated by the 6th CPC itself without the Commissionassigning any reason: and
(b) Where the maximum of the revised scale is less than the amount at which one is entitled to be fixed except in those cases where the same is as a result of modified fixation formula adopted by theGovernment and
(c) Where the amount of revised allowance is less than the existing rate.
(2) Composition: There will be 2 levels of Anomaly Committees, National and Departmental, consisting of reprensentativesof the Official Side and the Staff Side of the National Council and the Departmental Council respectively.
(3) The Departmental Anomaly Committee may be chaired by the Additional Secretary (Admn.) or the JointSecretary (Admn.), if there is no post of Additional Secretary (Admn.). Financial Adviser of the Ministry/Departmentshall be one of the Members of the Departmental Anomaly Committee.
(4) The National Anomaly Committee will deal with anomalies common to two or more Departments and inrespect of common categories of employees. The Departmental Anomaly Committee will deal with anomaliespertaining exclusively to the Department concerned and having no repercussions on the employees of anotherMinistry/Department in the opinion of the Financial Adviser. The items already taken up by the Fast Track Committeewill not be considered by the Anomaly Committee.
(5) The Anomaly Committee shall receive anomalies through Secretary, Staff Side of respective Council upto six months from the date of its constitution an it will finally dispose of all the anomalies within a period of one yearfrom the date of its constitution. Any recommendations of the Anomaly Committee to resolve the anomaly shallto the approval of the Govenment.
(6) Cases where there is a dispute about the definition of "anomaly" and those where there is a disagreementthe staff side and the official side on the anomaly will be referred to and "Arbitrator" to be appointed out of apanel of names proposed by the two sides. However, this arbitration will not be a part of the JCM scheme.
(7) The Arbitrator so appointed shall consider the disputed cases arising in the Anomaly Committees at the National as well as Departmental level.
(8) Orders regarding appointment of the Arbitrator and constitution of Anomaly Committee at NationalLevel will be issued separately.
(9) All Ministries/Departments are accordingly requested to take urgent action to set up the Anomaly Committeesfor settlement of anomalies arising out of implementation of the 6th CPC recommendations as stipulated above.