Friday, August 21, 2009


The problem which started with 5th CPC has been settled with the emergence of 6th CPC. Ordnance-MCM who had been availing payment equivalent to Railway-MCM till 4th CPC, after the establishment of 5th CPC ceased to receive so. After 5th CPC, Ordnance-MCM received pay range as Rs.4500-7000 , whereas Railways received pay range of Rs.5000-8000.

The demand which started at that time has been rendered to action by the government at last.

A Fast Track Committee was put into formation to solve the problem that arose for Railways MCM. Ordnance and Postal departments too joined the committee. The committee disscussed various issues at various time period.

A condition was put forth that for the implementation of Rs.5000-8000 to Ordnance-MCM they have to accept the proposal of dividing Highly Skilled Grade into two segments. Having accepted the proposal the Ordnance MCM was granted their plea by the Government.

As a goodwill of this, 50 percent of the Highly Skilled Grade (Rs.2400 Grade Pay) will rise to Rs.2800 Grade Pay.

Along with this, all the MCM will receive Rs.4200 Grade Pay. This has been regarded as a historical achievement.

Along with the change in grade pay for promotion, 3 percent hike in increment has now been known. Accordingly, 50 percent of Highly Skilled Grade will receive Rs.400 plus one increment.

For MCM as a whole they would receive Rs.1400 plus one increment. Also there is chance for increase in basic pay.

Along side, to having changed to Rs.4200 Grade Pay there are privileges of availing II nd tier A/C and Airway travel resulting in abundance of joy as a whole, and they are not failing to thank all the Unions and Federations for their great effort.

It is not exaggeration to say that the Ordnance employees are in sheer joy and excitement to having achieved for what they have been toiling for over ten years.