Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Leave Travel Allowance For Employees Using Car For Transportation

Government has disclosed that it will not be sanctioning the Leave Travel Allowance for employees using cars, personal or taxi for transportation purposes. But there is an exemption for disabled employees or if any of the family members is disabled, who is the dependent of the employee.

The central government employees can now avail LTA only by using Indian Railways or Air India and state transport corporation buses.

According to the order from Department of Personnel, LTA will be sanctioned only for those journeys made in vehicles "operated by the government or any corporation in the public sector run by the Central government, state government or a local body".

Even though the disabled have been exempted, medical certificate from the an experienced authority should be produced, along with the proof that the concerned person cannot use the mode specified by the government for travelling and the same can be only covered in car.

Besides, such claim should not be more than the journey performed by the entitled class by rail or air