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Benefits for Employees in Kashmir extended

The Government have extended the special package for the employees posted in Kashmir by an year. Central government employees will continue to receive the additional benifits, like additional HRA and other assistance, for another year till December 31, 2011. The special package of concessions and incentives was earlier supposed to come to an end on December 31 last.
Under the package, these employees will get additional house rent allowance (HRA) and other concessions. They have an option to move their families to a place of their choice in India at government expense.
They will also get travelling allowances for the families allowed as admissible in permanent transfer, including transportation, payment for packing etc.
Besides, the department concerned will make arrangements for stay, security and transportation to place of work for the employees. The employees posted to the Kashmir Valley, who do not wish to move their families to a selected place of residence, will get a da…

Yashwant Sonawane

We salute Additional District Collector Yashwant Sonawane who laid his life while on duty during raids to uncover illegal hoarding of kerosene and petrol.