Friday, September 5, 2008


<From a comment posted in the sixth pay commission blog>

My fellow Govt. employees, I want to draw your kind attention to the TRICKS played by this anti-govt. employee Government.

(1) The base year for calculation of DA has been changed to 2001 from 1982. this will results in lesser DA in coming years. even during current very HIGH inflation scenario we have got only 4% DA in last 6 months. So, you can imagine what will happen in coming years (hardly 2% increase). If the 5th pay comminssion would have continued then we would have got at least 8% DA, and it would have been merged with our basic pay. So, government played a dirty politics to divert our attention from this matter. Now, we can see how small the rise is compare to previous pay commission.

(2) This government has showered its blessing on higher officials only. It has treated with apathy the juniors and middle level officers.

(3) The biggest anamoly in this commission is the sudden jump when we compare 12000 scale to 14300 scale. Why is this so? Is this a error or a conspiracy?

In this hour, we should all unite and force the government to change its anti-employee policies.

-One of You

Further to the above comment from the poster

There is huge gap between salaries of PB3 and PB4 where as everyone’s salary should be increased uniformly.
So best recommendation is keep old scales and multiply it with 4 that’s all.
Old scales new scales
2550 x 4 = 10200
4000 x 4 = 16000
5000 x 4 = 20000
8000 x 4 = 32000
12000 x 4 = 48000
14300 x 4 = 57200
18000 x 4 = 72000
Everybody will appreciate it.. Yes ?? Then plz every1 send it to govt. Plz plz plz
act now before its toooooo late.....