Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Central service officers oppose 6th Pay recos

The Joint Forum of Central Service Officers today opposed the differential grade pay recommended by the Sixth Pay Commission for the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and non-IAS officers.

"It means that in the civil service, IAS and non-IAS officers of under-secretary, deputy secretary and director level will have differing emoluments. An IAS officer will also be entitled to stay in higher government accommodation compared to a non-IAS officer of the same civil service, of the same batch. This differential will only widen as the officer goes up in seniority," the forum said in a statement today.

The forum also protested the pay panel ranking those with higher grade pay as senior to those with lower grade pay. "This means that among officers recruited in the same year, IAS officers will be senior to Group A civil service officers, selected in the very same year. In a system of common civil service examination, continuous ranking, and freedom of choice for the officers for opting to various civil services, this differential treatment is devoid of any rationale," it held.

The officers forum also pointed out that the increase pay hikes is meager given that the 10-13 per cent hike has come after a 10-year gap.
The Joint Forum of Central Service Officers consists of officers from more than fifty central government Group A services.

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