Saturday, April 26, 2008

Country-wide protest movement planned on June 5

Taking serious note of the possibility of disbanding recruitment of group D employees in the State following adoption of the Sixth Pay Commission and decrying the provision as incorporated in the Sixth Pay Commission for 'reduced salaries' to group B and group C employees, employees of the State Government have decided to join the country-wide protest movement planned on June 5 .

The scheduled protest movement is also in protest against the inaction of the UPA Government to check inflation in the name of economic reforms.

The decision to launch this massive country-wide movement was adopted during the second National Delegation Conference organised by the All India State Government Employees Confederation at Chennai on April 19 and 20 .

The conference was also attended by vice-president of the All Manipur Government Higher Secondary Lecturers Welfare Association Debendra Mangshatabam, treasurer N Arunkumar and member Th Premkumar.

Briefing media persons at Johnstone Higher Secondary School here this afternoon, Arunkumar conveyed that during the Chennai conference, basic problems of the Manipur Government employees whose number stand at around 60,000 was tabled and deliberated.

With the State Government still dilly-dallying implementation of the Fifth Pay Commission fully even as there were strikes by employees, Higher Secondary lecturers are fighting a case in the Court till today, he said.

The Sixth Pay Commission, while sidelining group B and group C employees, gives multiple increment to the salaries of bureaucrats in the most unbalanced manner, observed Arunkumar.

A 15 point charter of demand was also drafted during the conference for submission to the Union Government.

The main points of the charter of demand included provision of pension as usual without deducting from the salaries, maintaining the interest rate of GPF at 12 percent, fixing income tax ceiling at Rs 2.50 lakhs and non-prohibition on recruitment of employees etc.

It was also agreed that prohibiting recruitment of group D employees would create serious issues in backward States of the North East including Manipur, Arunkumar informed.

During the conference, the delegates from Manipur also urged for recruitment of a regular Director in Education (Schools) from among the qualified higher secondary lecturers and to solve the insurgency problem in Manipur through political means, they conveyed.

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