Thursday, April 10, 2008

IIS officers disappointed by pay panel

Joining the chorus of protests against the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission is the IIS Group "A" Officers Association. These officers, who are part of the Indian Information Service, say that they are disappointed with the pay panel’s recommendations. The association has said that in recommending only a 30 per cent increase, the Pay Commission has chosen to be "economical".

The association has yet another reason to be unhappy. It says that even the modest increase recommended by the pay panel is in favour of officers at the senior level, which means that those in the 25-45 age group will get only a marginal increase, he stated. The association has also said that it is disappointed with the commission’s decision to "continue with the edge in pay for the IAS and other all India services over group A services".

Stating that the pay panel’s arguments on the issue are "unconvincing", the association says, "We believe that in the present scenario, the Central services play an equally important role in the building of a modern and dynamic India."

Yet another issue over which the association has expressed its displeasure is the poor cadre management of the Indian Information service. This, it says, has resulted in nearly 50 per cent of the posts lying vacant.
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