Thursday, April 17, 2008

Modification to the sixth pay recommendations

IN A written reply to the Rajya Sabha, union minister of state for finance, Pawan Kumar Bansal has informed MP Shantaram Naik that the centre has powers to modify the recommendations of the sixth Pay Commission in their application. The minister further informed Naik that the recommendations of the Commission are under the consideration of the government and that they have not been accepted so far, states a press release issued by the Rajya Sabha MP Shantaram Naik.

Bansal further informed Naik that there is no proposal before the Government to give financial assistance to smaller states proposing to adopt the recommendations for the employees of the state governments. Bansal has conceded that defence forces have made a grievance before the government regarding the recommendations of the Pay Commission.

Scheme: In another written reply, union minister for tourism and culture, Ambika Soni informed Naik that government has a scheme to give financial assistance to people distinguished in letters, arts and such other walks of life, who may be in indigent circumstances.

Elaborating further, Soni informed Naik that to be eligible under the scheme, a person should have attained the age of 58 years and the personal income of the applicant (including income of the spouse) must not exceed Rs 2,000 per month. His contribution to art and letter etc. must be of significance. The Government has bifurcated the scheme into two parts viz (1) central quota and (2) centre-state/UT quota. Under the central quota the beneficiary is given an assistance of Rs 2,000 per month by the central government and under the centre-state/UT quota the amount of assistance is shared by the centre and the state government / UT administration concerned in the ratio of 3:1 i e centre pays Rs 1,500 per month and balance Rs 500 per month is borne by the concerned state government. The financial assistance is sanctioned/renewed depending on furnishing of life and income certificate by the beneficiaries.

She further informed Naik that from Goa, in 2007-08 life and income certificates were produced by five beneficiaries in central quota and six in centre-state quota, who were sanctioned a total amount of Rs 1,20,000 and Rs 1,08,000 respectively by the central government.

Dam: In another written reply, union minister of state for water resources, Jai Prakash Yadav informed Naik that the chief minister of Goa in a joint meeting held with the chief minister of Maharashtra on April 26, 2006 had given clearance for the minor irrigation dam being constructed near Virdi in Maharashtra. He said that the cost of the project is Rs 4368.17 lakhs and proposed area under irrigation is 1345 hectares.

The minister said that the Maharashtra government has informed that the minor irrigation dam is on Kattika nullah near Virdi and that this nullah flows in Maharashtra only. The confluence of Kattika and Halater nullahs is on downstream of dam site, which flows from Karnataka and then Maharashtra and Goa. The confluence of Halater and Costi nullahs is in Goa. After confluence river is named as Valvot River in Goa.

The minister further said that proposed water utilisation by Maharashtra is reported to be less than the water share, added the press release.

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